360 Degree Fleet DashCam

Need to “see” more than the ordinary DashCam with only front and back views?

The Safety Track 360 Degree Fleet DashCam solves all that. See around the car in a 360-degree view. Just place the DashCam on your windshield and get a new perspective on what is going on in and around your fleet vehicle. No need for 4 cameras place all around you vehicle. Place this right on the center of your windshield and get a full perspective of your driver, what he see, and everything else. Easy to install so you will be up and running in no time.

Need Live Streaming Video. it can be done with the 360 Fleet dashcam

See things in a New Way – Call Safety Track today 888-286-9829

Small compact design gives you the ability to SEE what is happening inside your fleet vehicle, yet is it small enough not to distract your drivers.