Benefits of Asset and Trailer Tracking

As the vehicle theft prevention month (July) approaches, now is the time to improve your asset and trailer tracking processes. The location of your assets or trailer can change in seconds without a reliable GPS tracking system and fleet camera. This sudden change can put your business at risk of assigning loads improperly or delaying deliveries.

Assets and trailers are undeniably the backbone of a business. Tracking them can improve efficiency, cost control, and productivity.

The tracker will also guarantee greater visibility into these assets. As you consider tracking your assets and trailers, here are some of the benefits you’ll reap from this decision:

  1. Improve Inventory Control and Asset Utilization

An asset and trailer tracking system is a centralized source for your company’s asset data. Analyzing this data will help improve your business’s inventory control and asset utilization. It also enables you to determine whether selling, renting, or deploying an asset can be profitable.

With the asset utilization reports, you can single out underperforming assets. Matching this data against your work progress helps you identify inefficiencies or discrepancies.

The goal is to have the correct data to make crucial business decisions. You wouldn’t want any of your hard-earned money to go to waste.

  1. Increase Efficiency of Your Operations

Optimizing assets and managing logistics is challenging without the right tools. As a fleet manager, you must know your trailers’ exact location in real-time. Thanks to asset and trailer tracking technology, you’ll be automatically updated when trailers are loaded, unloaded, or ready to leave.

The fleet technology will also let you know when one of your trailers breaks down and their location. You can then have the trailer picked up and ferried by another track to prevent shipment delays.

With this kind of efficiency, it’s easier to focus on important aspects of your business. You will also be better positioned to optimize asset utilization and make the trailer drivers productive.

  1. Beef up Security for Important Assets

Protecting your assets against theft can help you reduce losses. However, if your system doesn’t guarantee top-notch security, you risk losing these assets.

A GPS tracking system can give you updates when a particular asset is powered on or used when unauthorized. It also notifies you when an asset or trailer is being towed or moved without permission or during off-hours.

With the geofence alerts given by the tracking system, you can create a virtual perimeter around your assets. Any time someone tries to breach this perimeter, an immediate alert will be set off. It’s also easier to recover missing or stolen assets with this system.

  1. Improve Preventative Maintenance 

Asset and trailer tracking can make preventative maintenance approaches more accurate and efficient. The system will report asset status and mechanical health in real-time to let you know what needs fixing. As a result, your assets will be in a good-functioning condition.

The tracing system can also come in handy for a trailer that requires routine fixes or maintenance. It notifies you about any maintenance alerts to prevent costly breakdowns.

  1. Boost Customer Service

Your company’s success is hugely tied to the quality of service delivered to customers. Using an asset and trailer tracker can help you cope with the competition as a carrier.

The tracking system will give you an accurate estimation of the shipments, which you can share with your customers. It also generates accurate progress reports of the deliveries to give customers peace of mind about your services.

Looking for Fleet Management Tools?

All in all, an asset and trailer tracking system can give you a real-time overview of your fleet. Your business can count on it to minimize unauthorized use instances and theft. When used properly, it can improve asset utilization.

Count on Safety Track for a wide range of fleet management tools that suit your company’s needs. We guarantee equipment testing, professional installation, dedicated customer support, and a one-year warranty. Reach out to order or learn more about our fleet management tools.