Benefits of Geofencing

The following are some of the main benefits of geofencing for your transportation business.

Tracking objects

Geofencing is not all about sales and marketing. The same technology can be used to monitor merchandise and vehicles. For fleet managers, geofencing is a real boon. A vehicle will be notified immediately whenever it leaves a virtually fenced-off area. In this day and age of automobile thefts, having geofencing can mean the difference between recovering important assets or losing them forever.

Saving time and money

As far as vehicle tracking with geofence is concerned, its not only about security. It is also about tracking routes taken and then analyzing which ones are the most efficient. You will not need to micromanage drivers by making several phone calls. Drivers will know where to go and when to take breaks through geofencing features. This will free up managers and allow them to focus on more important tasks. Businesses with large fleets can save millions of dollars annually by optimizing data such as time and distance traveled.

Keeping track of hours

If you run a business with many drivers operating simultaneously, tracking driving hours can be a nightmare. Not so with geofencing. Parameters such as when work started, how many breaks the driver took, how fast the drivers operated vehicles, and total driving hours can be seen with a click of a button.

Maintenance and fuel savings

Before geofencing came on the scene, route adherence was a constant headache for fleet managers. Not anymore. When more efficient routes are laid out for drivers to follow, it will cut down on fuel usage and maintenance costs. This is accomplished by setting specific points of interest for drivers to follow.

Better planning

When you can see where exactly a vehicle is located and where it needs to go, calculating the estimated arrival time is much easier. If priorities change, then diverting the driver can be done much quicker. In the old days, it would require phone calls and quick mental calculations to make any changes. In short, you can increase customer satisfaction by giving quicker and more timely deliveries and keeping them in the loop.

Discourages personal use

Using vehicles for personal use may not be a big issue for some operators, but it can be a headache. With geofencing, it will be easy to find out who is doing it and to discourage them from doing so in the future.


After all, it doesn’t matter how amazing technology is; if it is difficult to use, it is not worth it. However, with geofencing, this is not the case. Geofencing technology is not only easy to use, but it is also easy to install. All data can be tracked using smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Once you understand what geofencing technology is, then understanding the benefits of geofencing becomes much easier. In a nutshell, geofencing is a location-based software technology that uses RFID, GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellphone service to activate a preprogrammed action when a device such as a mobile phone or any other geofencing-enabled device enters or exits a virtual boundary. A virtual boundary in this context is called a geofence. The preprogrammed action can include sending text messages, alerts, targeted advertisements, allow vehicle tracking, or disable assets remotely.