Dispatch & Driving Efficiency: US Petroleum Partner Success with Safety Track

In the high-stakes world of petroleum hauling, where margins are razor-thin and customer satisfaction reigns supreme, companies like US Petroleum Partners face a multitude of challenges. From dispatch woes to operational inefficiencies and driver safety concerns, navigating the complexities of the industry requires a robust solution. This is where Safety Track steps in, offering cutting-edge fleet management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of companies like US Petroleum Partners. In this case study, we delve into how US Petroleum Partners leveraged Safety Track’s expertise and technology to overcome obstacles, drive efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. 

Challenges Faced by US Petroleum Partners: 

Before starting their journey with Safety Track, US Petroleum Partners encountered many common pain points prevalent in the petroleum hauling industry. Dispatch issues, operational inefficiencies, and worries about driver safety loomed large, threatening to disrupt operations and erode customer trust. Like many of their counterparts, US Petroleum Partners grappled with the complexities of route optimization, equipment tracking, scheduling, and ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations. 

The Solution: 

Recognizing the need for comprehensive fleet management solutions, US Petroleum Partners turned to Safety Track for assistance. Implementing Safety Track’s Live MDVR systems and GPS tracking with dispatch capabilities proved to be a game-changer for the company. Equipped with advanced dispatch features such as load determination and gallons sent to each driver, coupled with a robust camera system providing invaluable protection for drivers on the road, US Petroleum Partners was well-equipped to tackle the challenges head-on. Additionally, integrating Safety Track’s customized fleet dispatch solution into their routes further enhanced operational efficiency and safety measures. 

Positive Results: 

The impact of Safety Track’s fleet solutions was immediate and profound. Within the first month of implementation, US Petroleum Partners witnessed a significant return on investment. The Live MDVR systems instilled accountability among drivers, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Moreover, the ability to dispatch the correct number of gallons to the correct truck for delivery, coupled with turn-by-turn directions, resulted in a notable decrease in time driven to each location, thereby mitigating disputes and enhancing customer trust. US Petroleum Partners also experienced a surge in the number of jobs completed, thanks to improved quality control measures facilitated by Safety Track’s solutions. 

Addressing Common Complaints: 

Safety Track’s solutions directly addressed many of the common complaints received by fuel hauling companies. By improving communication, adhering to schedules, ensuring thorough cleanup, and enhancing work quality, US Petroleum Partners elevated its service standards and customer satisfaction levels. Furthermore, Safety Track’s tools enabled them to prioritize professionalism, cater to customer preferences, and uphold environmental responsibility, thereby mitigating concerns about unprofessional behavior, lack of creativity, and environmental impact. 

The Benefits of Partnering with Safety Track: 

US Petroleum Partners’ success story underscores the tangible benefits of partnering with Safety Track for fuel hauling companies. By leveraging Safety Track’s solutions, companies can streamline operations, enhance safety measures, and deliver exceptional service to clients. From route optimization and equipment tracking to compliance management and customer communication, Safety Track offers a comprehensive suite of tools to address the diverse needs of the petroleum hauling industry. 


In a dynamic industry where efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount, US Petroleum Partners’ relationship with Safety Track exemplifies the transformative power of innovative fleet management solutions. By proactively addressing challenges and leveraging cutting-edge technology, US Petroleum Partners not only overcame obstacles but also positioned itself as a leader in the fuel hauling sector. For fuel hauling companies seeking to optimize their operations and elevate their service standards, partnering with Safety Track is undoubtedly a strategic investment towards long-term success and sustainability.