Record incidents for training to prevent repeating dangerous, costly mistakes

Rate your drivers using the driver’s score card feature

Maintain safety protocols by reviewing video data

Receive customizable alerts to better manage your fleet

How Cameras and GPS Solutions Help Driver Training

The more you see, the more you know. Using our driver scorecard feature, get insight on excessive braking, accelerating, or speeding. Compare employees and give incentives for good driving.

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Recommended Products

Which Safety Track product is right for you and your fleet? Explore our product lineup to see how Safety Track can help help you better train your staff. We’ll help find the perfect solution.

Live Viewing Cameras

View driver behavior in real-time, so you can give feedback while they’re on the road. You can also quickly address violations of safety protocol and use footage in recorded examples for the rest of the team.

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GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS Tracking means you always have data on where drivers are, how fast they’re going and can get notifications based on geofencing parameters. Tracking can also be used to optimize routes, and alert managers to events of speeding or rapid acceleration.

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Customize your setup with accessories that alert you when seatbelts are not in use and vehicle doors are left open. SOS buttons allow drivers to make timestamps of pertinent events.

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