GPS/Dash Cam: Big Savings for Small Fleets

Employee performance and behavior is easy to monitor in an office setting. Managers can directly observe employee conduct and email creates an easy paper trail. However, keeping tabs on performance in the fleet management industry isn’t so easy. Drivers spend most of their time on the road where activity can go unmonitored. Not to mention accidents and insurance costs are two of a fleet management company’s largest expenses.

As a result, fleet managers have to turn to monitoring solutions to manage risk and control expenses. Installing GPS and dash cams on fleet vehicles can result in big savings even for small fleets. During a time when fleet mangers are trying to combat rising fuel prices and inflation, there couldn’t be a better time to find new ways to cut costs. Here are a few ways dash cams can help:

  • Dash Cams Can Provide Video Evidence Safety Track‘s Fleet

    Dash cameras can result in significant savings by serving as video evidence in the event of an accident. Without eyewitness accounts, it can be difficult to truly determine fault in an accident. Dash cams can provide video evidence that can be reviewed by law enforcement and insurance companies. This can help to reduce insurance fraud and protect your company and drivers from crash scams and insurance fraud.Speeding tickets or traffic infractions can also negatively impact insurance costs. Dash cams can help to exonerate drivers if a ticket is unfairly or incorrectly issued by law enforcement.

  • Dash Cams Encourage Safe Driving Behavior

    Dash cams encourage safe driving behavior which ultimately leads to fewer accidents and lower insurance costs. When drivers know they’re being monitored, they’re less likely to engage in risky driving behavior. Fleet Dash cameras and GPS can help to eliminate speeding, tailgating, running red lights or other traffic violations. By reducing the number of incidents within your fleet, you can drastically reduce vehicle repair costs and insurance premiums.

  • Dash Cams Help Prevent Vehicle Theft

    July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month, so it’s worth mentioning how dash cams can drastically reduce the chance of vehicle theft. In the event theft occurs, rear facing dash cams with cloud storage capabilities can capture video footage of the culprit and make it easily accessible to fleet managers. Vehicle theft can be a huge expense for fleet companies. Dash cams can not only help prevent theft, but can also make it easier to recover the vehicle.

Are Dash Cams Worth The Investment?

Making a large technology investment might make fleet managers uncomfortable given today’s economic factors. However, dash cams are more than capable of paying for themselves overtime. Fewer accidents and lower insurance costs can result in big savings for even small fleets. It won’t take long to realize these savings.

Vehicle technology is constantly improving safety and operations for fleet management companies. By adopting dash cams and GPS, your team can help improve driver safety, cut costs, and protect your vehicles and assets. It’s easy to see how these innovative solutions are helping fleets of all sizes save big.