How Fleet Cameras Can Reduce Repair Costs

Operating a fleet of vehicles is an expensive affair, especially during this back-to-school season when children move to and from school. Without the proper considerations, the high fuel and maintenance costs can take a toll on you. One of the best ways to save on repair costs is by investing in fleet cameras.

Close Monitoring

Employees behave better when they are being monitored. Therefore, when your drivers are on the road without a camera system, you cannot control how they drive. Bad driving habits like excessive acceleration and constant braking can affect your vehicle’s components, including tires, brake pads, and suspension.

A vehicle should run at a constant speed to save on fuel and repair costs. When you can keep an eye on your drivers, you will pick up on careless driving. This will lead to fuel-efficient driving, minimizing wear and part replacement.

Improve Fleet Safety

Paying for your fleet’s medical expenses and vehicle repairs due to an accident can be a great inconvenience. With fleet cameras, you can monitor how drivers operate vehicles and identify the behaviors you need to change.

Furthermore, you can implement training through videos captured by the fleet cameras. Improved driver safety prevents accidents and significantly reduces vehicle repair costs.

Streamline’s Insurance Claim Process

Reducing insurance premiums is one way to cut your fleet’s budget. Insurance companies consider reckless drivers high risk. Therefore, your insurance company will charge you more if your drivers have been involved in numerous accidents and traffic violations.

Fleet cameras can help you avoid negligent driving habits. This does not only reduce insurance premiums but also makes insurance claims easier through reliable video footage. Proving a claim without evidence is time-consuming and costly. When an insurance adjuster turns down your claim, you will spend money to cover repairs for your vehicles involved in collisions.

Productive Employees

Fleet cameras can make your employees more productive, which reduces the likelihood of accidents or irresponsible driving behavior. Consequently, you will spend less on repairs.

One way to make your employees more productive is by commending good habits. Also, cameras allow a driver’s hours to be verifiable because they capture real-time footage. Additionally, you can identify your drivers’ weaknesses and improve on them. This ensures they are more careful with your vehicles, which translates to low repair costs.

Shorter Routes

With fleet cameras, you can direct your drivers to use shorter routes. This enables them to reach their destination faster. Fleet cameras alongside GPS routing save your drivers time and money. When your drivers spend less time on the road, your fleet of vehicles is less susceptible to wear and tear, which reduces repair costs.

Low Chance of Vandalism

Accidents and poor driving habits are not the only cause for vehicle repairs, vandalism can also cost you a fortune in repairs and replacements.

When your fleet of cars has cameras installed, you can discourage thieves from vandalizing and stealing parts of your car. Moreover, if a person vandals your vehicle, you can trace them through video footage. Overall, you will avoid paying for repairs out of your pocket and hold the vandal accountable.

Wrapping It Up

Many fleet managers regard cameras on their vehicles as an unnecessary cost. While installing fleet cameras and other tracking devices in your car is expensive, it can save you from incurring huge repair costs. Before you rush to install cameras in your vehicles, research widely and find a reputable company to purchase all your fleet technology equipment.