National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Every day, truck drivers in their numbers go out on the road to efficiently deliver so many items we use daily. Indeed, almost all items we use, right from our food to the clothes we wear. All the effort that goes into ensuring the deliveries are on time and done safely and efficiently is certainly worth appreciating.

The second week of September isNational Truck Driver Appreciation Week. This year, the appreciation week will be on September 11-17, 2022, and as always, it will be an essential time to thank and appreciate all professional truckers.

Truck driving is one of the most demanding jobs which require sacrifice and hard work. That the trucking industry is crucial and an integral part of the very backbone of the economy by ensuring everyone gets the resources they require both at home and in the offices and industries is something that cannot be overstated enough.

Looking for ways to celebrate truckers this National Truck Driver Appreciation Week? Here are a few great ideas.

Put It Down on Paper

There is no better way to say “I appreciate your work” than actually saying it. A simple, yet thoughtful thank you card will do just the trick and make a truck driver’s day. You can place it under the windshield wiper or wait to give the card to the driver directly.

Similarly, community members lining up on the side of the road with appreciation signs is always an incredible sight. Other motorists can also stick these truck driver appreciation messages on the sides of their vehicles.

Social Media Recognition Posts

Social media users can create truck driver appreciation hashtags and keep them trending throughout the week. Similarly, fleet companies and members of the community can post appreciation messages. Video tributes are always engaging and informative.

Fleet management companies can put together videos showing what a typical day looks like for truck drivers and the efforts and sacrifices they put into their work. It is such content that will give everyone an accurate picture of the lives of truck drivers and instill a more profound sense of appreciation for their work.

Prizes and Giveaways

Fleet management companies, alongside the local community, can put together a truck driver appreciation campaign and include prizes and giveaways. Find out what items the drivers would be most interested in and hold a raffle each day of the week. You can raffle off the grand prize on the final day of the week.

Your first pick should be items that will make life on the road easier for truck drivers. These include truck mattresses, electric blankets, pressure-relieving cushions, audiobooks, and shower kits. The daily raffles are a great way to keep everyone fully engaged, and the winners will undoubtedly be excited.

Quality Time When Home

Professional truckers spend weeks, and even months, on the road, away from loved ones. After being away for so long, the driver will be rewarded with some time off before returning and picking up on the cycle. Truck companies make a point of giving some time off to their drivers during the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Family and friends should make this time away from work, however short it may be, really count. This time back home rejuvenates truck drivers and boosts their mental health. Fleet management companies encourage truck drivers to look into tips for staying healthy as truck drivers.

Thank a Driver

Trucks move around72.5 % of America’s freight. Truck drivers keep us moving, helping to deliver all types of supplies needed daily, and deserve sincere appreciation for their work. Every chance you get, even beyond the appreciation week, thank a truck driver.