The ST-203 Fleet Dash Cam by Safety Track is designed for enhanced fleet safety and management, featuring real-time video streaming, GPS tracking, and remote playback capabilities. It supports easy installation on the windshield, offers optional integration with a third camera for expanded coverage, and includes an SOS button for marking important events. With dual Micro SD card slots, hotspot capability, and compatibility with Safety Track's management suites for comprehensive fleet oversight, the ST-203 ensures reliable monitoring and improved driver behavior. This alt text summarizes the device's main features and benefits, making it accessible for screen reader users.  

Dash Cams

Compact and easy set-up to see what your drivers sees inside and outside of the vehicle.

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The compact ST-410 AI Mobile DVR designed for fleet vehicles, showcasing its ports for camera connections and the dual SD card slots for enhanced video storage, illustrating its capabilities for real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for comprehensive vehicle oversight  

AI Mobile DVRs

Safety Track’s AI Mobile DVRs are advanced driving monitoring systems that use Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time information about a vehicle’s movements and driver behavior.

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The ST-402 MDVR from Safety Track is designed for robust fleet management, supporting up to four HD cameras and offering up to 4TB SSD storage under lock and key for secure, extensive video recording. This description summarizes the device's key features, emphasizing its durability, storage capacity, and support for multiple cameras, which are essential for effective fleet monitoring and management.  


View customizable setups tailored for individual fleet needs with available live streaming cameras.

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SafetyTrack ST-2000 OBDII device for vehicle tracking, featuring a compact black design with multiple port connections.  

Vehicle Tracking

With updates as frequent as 30 seconds, you’ll always know where important vehicles are.

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Asset Tracking

Keep track of your valuable assets with solar and battery-powered telematics options.

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Explore add-on equipment for extra usability and peace of mind when using your system.

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