Why Fleets Need Both GPS and Dash Cams

7 Reasons Why Fleets Need Both GPS and Dash Cams

To put it mildly, managing a fleet of trucks is no walk in the park. It comes with a truckload of challenges, even when the truck is stationary. One of the major headaches is auto theft, which hit record levels in 2020 (810,400 stolen vehicles).

One of the best ways to combat these issues is to install the best dash cams with GPS fleet tracking systems. The two technologies complement each other to provide comprehensive updates on what’s going on with your vehicles.

Since July is vehicle theft prevention month, let’s examine how you can minimize fleet theft using dash cams and GPS systems.

Enhanced Fleet Safety

Vehicles with stickers clearly stating they are under surveillance can be a deterrent to criminals. That is an essential tool if drivers travel in areas with poor security.

If your vehicle has a GPS tracker, you’ll get a warning notification when it leaves a geofenced location, enhancing safety. On the other hand, a report states that monitoring driver behavior using fleet tracking software reduced reported safety incidences by 42%.

Reduced Risk of Fraud

Some drivers may intentionally cause an incident aiming to fleece the fleet company. Some crooked believe the companies have “good money,” so they will file a false claim. A dash cam would put an end to such incidences.

Quick Response to Vehicle Emergency

When a driver is distressed and asks for assistance, they may be on a barren stretch of land, so they can’t figure out their location. A GPS-integrated system makes short work of such incidences by pinpointing the precise location and facilitating a quick response in case the driver needs security backup.

Evidence in an Accident

In a vehicle accident, dash cameras provide a blow-by-blow account of what transpired. You can use the video evidence to determine how the accident occurred and avoid false insurance claims.

Risk Evaluation and Theft Prevention

GPS tracking and live footage monitoring allow you to watch vehicle movement. Dash cams are valuable instruments for assessing, preventing, and theft recovery.

You’ll have video of any illegal conduct because you’ll have views of the inside and outside of your vehicles so you can advise your driver to take appropriate action.

Efficiency in Routing

Fleet managers can locate where all of their vehicles are using the GPS. Finding the vehicle allows them to respond to service calls quickly by rerouting the closest truck.

A fleet manager can quickly tell what’s going on with a specific vehicle and help the driver solve problems on the fly—or understand why a driver deviated from their assigned route. Geofencing uses GPS to track drivers in a specific area, so you can help a driver stay on the right track and detect vehicle theft instantly.

Insurance Premiums and Claims

Insurance claims are one of the biggest pains for fleet managers, as the industry is full of false accusations by third parties. A dash cam would be handy as you can defend drivers against falsified claims. While making an insurance claim is no fun, it can be faster and easier with a dash camera.

That’s why some insurers offer discounted rates or lower premiums to those who set up dash cameras. The footage accurately depicts what occurred and removes any suspicion and blame about the accident, facilitating faster confirmation of claims.

Final Word

A Fleet dash camera and GPS tracking systems are excellent investments for fleet managers. They are simple to set up and can save you thousands of dollars in the event of theft. It’s impossible to overstate how vital GPS and dash cams are to your fleet.