• Ease of Use

    With simplicity at its core, minimal training is required to use the device effectively. Workers can navigate with on-screen documentation to minimize errors. The ability to control tablet/smartphone settings from the portal, such as disabling driver log edits on the tablet by the driver, makes the experience all the more intuitive.

  • Tablet Connectivity

    Track important data through your app and easily edit and add information whenever necessary.

  • Dashboard View

    Easily track how many working hours are left in the workday and workweek. The ability to filter log reports on the portal brings time management to your fingertips.

Additional Benefits

  • Quick pre/post inspections: Inspection can quickly be done on the app for proper record keeping
  • Ease of use – don’t need to be familiar with technology
  • Can be used on mobile app
  • Support for federal, state, Canadian and Mexican driving rules and exemptions
  • Bluetooth connectivity from device to your mobile device so easy to read the information

Apollo ELD

Full-featured hosted portal that provides the ability to view drivers in the fleet, examine and edit logs as necessary, set up custom inspection categories, view reports (including state mileage), and manage drivers (such as adding or deleting drivers).  The portal and tablet/smartphone stay in synchronization to provide back-office employees a near real time view of their fleet.

"Safety Track delivers the peace of mind for our drivers, which is priceless."

Lume Team Member

Can You See the Benefits Adding Up?

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