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Customer Story: Beverage and Food Company

Produce companies seek out Safety Track to provide better fleet management by training employees to adhere to safety standards. This ensures their products are properly maintained. Where freshness counts, it helps to have confidence that proper procedures are being followed.

A Look at a Food and Beverage Setup


Customizable updates throughout the day enables you to view the location of your assets when needed. This asset tracking device can also assess the internal temperatures of your trailer.

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ST-201 Features real-time video, GPS tracking, and remote playback. Applies on-windshield for easy installation.


Easy window mount installation gives a view of inside and outside of the cabin. Remote playback enables you to view incidents and driver behavior.

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Fleet Management Software - TMS

Enables immediate text and email alerts for temperature fluctuation to ensure product integrity. Plus, leaves a breadcrumb trail to improve driving route optimization.

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  • Can I export data from your software?
    • Absolutely! Data can be exported in various formats, from reports to event data. We also have an open API and can export into other programs once setup properly.
  • Can I monitor the temperature in the cargo area
    • We have a temperature sensor that will work with any of our Fleet or Asset Tracking Devices. Once wired in the sensor connects to the tracking unit via Bluetooth 5.0 to notify you of fluctuations in temperature.
  • Can I see what customer my driver is at?
    • Our Tracking devices and camera devices all have built in GPS that updates every 30 seconds on movement. You’ll always know where your driver is in Real-Time!

The beverage and food industry heavily relies on timely deliveries and proper temperature monitoring to ensure that perishable goods do not spoil. Fleet delivery and transportation are crucial in this industry, and fleet tracking systems can help streamline operations and ensure that goods are delivered on time and in good condition. Safety Track offers a variety of fleet tracking systems that include features such as real-time vehicle location, live traffic feeds, maintenance alerts, dispatch, and driver behavior reports to improve fleet safety and driver safety.

One of Safety Track’s products, the ST-1200, provides real-time refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring. The system updates every 30 seconds and notifies you when the trailer temperature exceeds the set maximum or minimum threshold. This technology is specifically designed and developed for refrigerated transport fleets to prevent perishable goods from spoiling.

The benefits of using fleet tracking in the beverage and food industry include real-time monitoring and tracking, lowered cost of waste, improved driver awareness, and enhanced customer service and satisfaction. By implementing a fleet tracking system, organizations can ensure the safety of their drivers and the timely delivery of their goods, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In the beverage and food industry, delivering fresh products on time is crucial for success. Safety Track offers a comprehensive solution for fleet delivery management with its cutting-edge technology, including live streaming video and GPS tracking. This provides real-time monitoring and visibility of vehicles, ensuring the safety and security of the delivery fleets. The advanced fleet tracking system allows companies to keep track of their vehicles and drivers at all times, anticipating and planning for any potential issues. Investing in Safety Track offers peace of mind and the ability to protect your business. The experienced team and telematics technology ensure that you have the right tools to run your delivery fleet smoothly. Fleet Safety and driver safety are top priorities, and Safety Track provides the most advanced solution in the industry. With real-time monitoring and advanced fleet tracking, you can make informed decisions and ensure the success of your delivery fleet.

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