Cameras can record theft while it happens

See the location of assets with battery or solar powered tracking devices

Receive notifications when your assets are moved

Keep an eye on assets in your trailer’s cargo area

How Cameras and GPS Solutions Help with Theft

Theft occurs when assets are unwatched. Safeguard your property and vehicles with camera and tracking systems. This allows you to view asset location as well as notify you of unauthorized movement. Customizable GPS alerts allow you to be notified 24/7 of incidents.

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Live Viewing Cameras

The benefits of cameras are twofold. Cameras capture important video evidence in the case of theft, and even play a part in deterring theft from ever happening. Outfit your operation with live viewing capabilities and you’re covered in every situation.

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SafetyTrack ST-2000 OBDII device for vehicle tracking, featuring a compact black design with multiple port connections.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Setup geofencing parameters to get notified if your property leaves a target area unauthorized, giving you time to react in the event of a theft. Alerts by text or email notification can be received instantly. Plus, tracking devices are stealthily installed, making disarming tracking devices less likely.

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Customize your setup with accessories that enable remote shut-off, alerts when doors are open and more. Notifications can be sent instantly.

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