Improve driver behavior with use of a live streaming camera system

Better manage routes with vehicle activity tracking

Ensure employees follow safety protocols

Remote playback gives proof of work completed

Customer Story: Municipalities

Municipalities hire sanitation companies to pick up residents’ trash. Trash companies have had reports that indicated trash was not picked up on time or at all. In order to mitigate these concerns, and provide additional accountability benefits, we provided a solution that added value.

A Look at the Setup


Provides up to 4-cameras and high quality 360° streams for safety and assessing driver behavior. Additionally, ST-401 stores video records for use in the event of an accident, and can view employees at work to ensure safe and proper implementation of policy.

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Emergency SOS Button

Allows drivers to create a timestamp when an event occurs. This can include when trash is picked up or if an incident or accident occurs.


Used as backup camera, this camera is able to be placed on the exterior of any vehicle to achieve multiple views. It features night vision, is IP67 rated weather proof, and is incredibly durable.

Can You See the Benefits Adding Up?

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