Improve driver behavior with use of a live streaming camera system

Better manage routes with vehicle activity tracking

Ensure employees follow safety protocols

Remote playback gives proof of work completed

Customer Story: Municipalities

Municipalities hire sanitation companies to pick up residents’ trash. Trash companies have had reports that indicated trash was not picked up on time or at all. In order to mitigate these concerns, and provide additional accountability benefits, we provided a solution that added value.

A Look at the Setup


Provides up to 4-cameras and high quality 360° streams for safety and assessing driver behavior. Additionally, ST-401 stores video records for use in the event of an accident, and can view employees at work to ensure safe and proper implementation of policy.

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Allows drivers to create a timestamp when an event occurs. This can include when trash is picked up or if an incident or accident occurs.


Used as backup camera, this camera is able to be placed on the exterior of any vehicle to achieve multiple views. It features night vision, is IP67 rated weather proof, and is incredibly durable.

  • Will I be able to see the route my drivers take?
    • Our Fleet Tracking and Camera systems update GPS location during movement every 30 seconds. This leaves a breadcrumb trail that can be easily followed. We even have route geofencing capability so that if a driver deviates from a particular route you can be alerted.
  • How can a GPS Tracking System be used as proof of service?
    • Being able to provide a detailed report of how long a company vehicle was on site at a customer location can be used to prove service performed. To take it a step further, camera footage is even better.
  • Do your fleet tracking solutions include a maintenance program?
    • Yes, our TMS interface has a maintenance tab that allows you to setup alerts based on service intervals you set up. Oil changes, tire rotations, all the way down to replacing the wiper blades.

Fleet management is an important aspect of municipalities, as it allows cities to keep track of their vehicles and drivers, ensuring that they are being used efficiently and safely. This is particularly important for municipalities that provide sanitation services, as it is important for these vehicles to be on the road as much as possible to keep the city clean.

One of the key benefits of fleet management in municipalities is that it allows cities to improve efficiency. With fleet tracking solutions, cities can use GPS mapping to reduce drive times for government vehicles, increasing the overall efficiency of their sanitation services. This can help to ensure that the city is kept clean in a timely manner, and that the services are being provided to the citizens in the best possible way.

Another benefit of fleet management is that it allows cities to monitor driver behaviors. With live streaming cameras and video, cities can ensure that their drivers are behaving responsibly, and that they are following the rules of the road. This not only improves the safety of the drivers and passengers, but also reduces the risk of accidents and damage to government vehicles.

In addition, fleet management also allows municipalities to manage their fleet with messaging, rerouting, and status filters. This allows the municipalities to be more responsive to the needs of the citizens, and to make sure that the vehicles are being used in the most efficient way possible. This also allows city councils, commissions and organizations with greater insight into their service processes.

As a municipality responsible for providing efficient sanitation services, ensuring the safety of your fleet is of utmost importance. With Safety Track, you are investing in fleet security and accountability. Live streaming video and GPS tracking offer real-time visibility and peace of mind, keeping your drivers and vehicles secure. This technology acts as a second set of eyes, helping you to not only track your fleet but anticipate future needs and plan accordingly. Investing in the right technology and team ensures that your municipality stays on the right path to delivering safe and efficient sanitation services to the community. Embrace the benefits of accountability and safeguarded fleets with Safety Track.

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