Improve driver behavior with use of a live streaming camera system

View video to ensure safety processes and procedures are in place

Review accidents quickly with remote playback

Reduce costs by optimizing travel routes through GPS tracking

A Look at Wichita Kenworth's Setup

ST-201 Features real-time video, GPS tracking, and remote playback. Applies on-windshield for easy installation.


Our live streaming dash camera featuring dual lenses to see driver behavior and views of an accident if it were to occur. Plus, the ST-201 is easy to install at scale for large fleets.

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Gives the Wichita Kenworth team remote playback capabilities for viewing proof of delivery. In addition, ST-401 can monitor truck cargo and provide a view of the driver for identification.

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SafetyTrack vehicle camera management suite displaying live GPS tracking and dash cam video feed on a laptop screen, featuring navigation map and driver monitoring tools.

Fleet Management Software -CMS

Used to verify delivery completion with remote playback, and show how drivers and employees interact with customers. In the event of an accident, footage can be viewed with remote playback.

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"There is never a He said She said when you have Safety Track watching."

Tim Fitzpatrick, Fleet Operations Manager - Wichita Kenworth

  • Can having cameras help cut insurance costs?
    • In most cases, depending on your insurance company, Cameras can lower your premium or you can receive credits. Cameras provide proof in an accident and can potentially prove innocence.
  • How will this help incase of an accident, proof of innocence, (he said she said)
    • Cameras provide proof in an accident and can potentially prove innocence. This eliminates the he said she says as Video evidence is concrete in court.
  • How many cameras do I need
    • The number of cameras you need depends on what you want to see. Think back to a time where an accident occurred or a time when having a camera could have saved you. Do you have a problem with theft? Consider putting a camera in the cargo area. Get in accidents where your drivers are involved in rear end collisions? Consider a camera facing out the windshield or on the driver.

Fleet management is an essential aspect of logistics for any logistics company. It involves the use of technology, such as cameras and tracking devices, to optimize the operations of a fleet of vehicles and improve overall efficiency. This can have a significant impact on the bottom line of a logistics company, as well as provide numerous other benefits.

One of the most significant benefits of fleet management is the ability to optimize driving routes. With the use of cameras and tracking devices, logistics companies can monitor their fleet’s movements in real-time and make adjustments to routes as needed. This can lead to significant savings in fuel costs, as well as reducing the amount of time vehicles spend on the road. Additionally, it can also reduce the carbon footprint of a logistics company, which is an increasingly important consideration for many businesses.

Another benefit of fleet management is the ability to monitor driver behavior. Cameras and tracking devices can capture footage of drivers in action, allowing logistics companies to identify any issues or areas for improvement. This can be particularly useful for driver training, as it allows companies to provide targeted training to individual drivers based on their specific needs.

Cameras and tracking devices can also be used as proof of service, which can be useful for logistics companies that need to provide evidence of delivery to customers. This can help to build trust and credibility with customers, and can also serve as evidence in the event of disputes.

Overall, fleet management is an essential aspect of the logistics industry. The use of cameras and tracking devices can provide numerous benefits, including driving route optimization, monitoring driver behavior, and providing proof of service. By implementing a fleet management system, logistics companies can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and build stronger relationships with customers.

Investing in Safety Track is a crucial step for any logistics company looking to secure their fleet. The advanced technology offered by Safety Track, including live video streaming and GPS tracking, provides peace of mind and helps to protect your business from potential risks. By monitoring your fleet around the clock, you can have a better understanding of your assets and plan for the future effectively. With the right tools and team in place, your logistics company can stay ahead of the game in the constantly evolving logistics industry. Additionally, the technology provided by Safety Track can also aid in driving route optimization, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for your logistics business.

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