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Fleet Management Camera System

Customer Story: Mosquito Joe

In recognizing the paramount importance of punctuality in service calls, Mosquito Joe enlisted our services to ensure timely interventions. They sought the expertise of Safety Track to maintain quality control throughout every job, providing proof of job completion and minimizing site revisits. By partnering with Safety Track, Mosquito Joe aimed not only to meet but exceed industry standards, fostering a reputation for excellence and reliability in pest control services. This comprehensive approach not only enhances efficiency but also leads to significant cost savings for Mosquito Joe.

A Look at Mosquito Joe's Setup


Provides up to 4-cameras and high quality 360° streams for safety and assessing driver behavior. Additionally, ST-401 maintains video records for use in the event of an accident, and can view employees at work to ensure safe and proper use of policy.

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SafetyTrack vehicle camera management suite displaying live GPS tracking and dash cam video feed on a laptop screen, featuring navigation map and driver monitoring tools.

Fleet Management Software -CMS

Used to verify delivery completion with remote playback, and show how drivers and employees interact with customers. In the event of an accident, video can be viewed with remote playback.

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Used as backup camera, this camera is able to be placed on the exterior of any vehicle to achieve multiple views. It features night vision, is IP67 rated weather proof, and is incredibly durable.

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"Adding Safety Track’s fleet camera and tracking systems have given us peace of mind, increased efficiency and driver accountability. Customer service is next level"

  • How will the CMS interface benefit me?
    • The CMS interface benefits many by offering real time insight and view into the vehicle. It can also provide video evidence of services performed, unloading and loading the vehicle, and employee behavior.


  • How can the built in GPS tracking be used as proof of service?
    • Being able to provide details report of how long a company vehicle was on site at a customer location can be used to prove service performed. To take it a step further, camera footage is even better.


  • Are your cameras weatherproof?
    • Yes, our cameras are weatherproof with rating of IP66 and record in 1080P.

Efficient fleet management is crucial for pest control services, enabling organizations to monitor and optimize the use of vehicles for enhanced efficiency and safety. This is particularly vital in the pest control sector, where constant vehicle operation is essential to maintain a clean environment.

Fleet management in pest control offers a significant advantage by improving overall efficiency. Utilizing fleet tracking solutions, organizations can leverage GPS mapping to minimize travel times for pest control vehicles, ensuring the most effective delivery of services to clients.

Moreover, fleet management actively monitors driver behaviors. Incorporating live streaming cameras and video systems, organizations can ensure responsible conduct by pest control drivers, promoting compliance with road regulations and enhancing overall safety.

Additionally, fleet management empowers organizations to oversee their pest control fleet through messaging, rerouting options, and status filters. This responsiveness enables organizations to address client needs promptly and ensures optimal vehicle utilization. It also provides valuable insights into pest control service processes, promoting quality control and safety measures.

As a pest control service committed to effective pest management, prioritizing the safety of your fleet is crucial. With Safety Track, you are making an investment in fleet security and accountability. Live streaming video and GPS tracking provide real-time visibility and assurance, ensuring the safety of your technicians and vehicles. This advanced technology serves as an extra layer of vigilance, enabling you not only to monitor your fleet but also to anticipate future pest control requirements and plan proactively. By choosing the right technology and building a skilled team, you guarantee that your pest control service remains dedicated to delivering safe and efficient pest management solutions to the community. Embrace the advantages of accountability and protected fleets with Safety Track.

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