Use footage and data to aid driver training

Optimize routes to job sites

Automate timely updates to customers

Provide automated proof of work

How Cameras and GPS Solutions Help Resource Optimization

With the data collected by our fleet management products, you will be better able to spot patterns that are using resources inefficiently. Gas consumption due to driving behavior or taking inefficient routes to and from job sites are just the start of the possibilities of cost savings.

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Recommended Products

Which Safety Track product is right for you and your fleet? Explore our product lineup to see how Safety Track can help help you better train your staff. We’ll help find the perfect solution.

Live Viewing Cameras

Increase customer satisfaction and provide proof of services with video remote playback. Live viewing cameras reduce costly revisits and “He Said, She Said” back and forth.

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SafetyTrack ST-2000 OBDII device for vehicle tracking, featuring a compact black design with multiple port connections.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Prevents excessive idling, wear and tear, while also reducing fuel costs. Improve maintenance by setting up regularly scheduled services alerts or reports.

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The easier you can make it for your drivers to do their job, the better. Door alerts and SOS button notifications go a long way towards improving peace of mind and efficiency.

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