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Analyze and improve driver behavior

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A Look at Indian Trail’s Setup


A multi-camera system with streaming for daily spot checks, plus view of entry way, and occupants. Also features remote playback to view incidents.

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The ST-14C is one of the cameras used as a side mount camera. This is used in the event of side-swiping for visual proof and insurance claims. Additional cameras were used for multiple views around the bus.

SafetyTrack vehicle camera management suite displaying live GPS tracking and dash cam video feed on a laptop screen, featuring navigation map and driver monitoring tools.

Fleet Management Software - CMS

Used to verify delivery completion with remote playback, and show how drivers and employees interact with customers. In the event of an accident, footage can be viewed with remote playback.

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"Indian Trails has been working with Safety Track to supply camera systems for our buses since 2011. We currently have the HD camera systems installed on all 63 of our Motor Coaches and Shuttle buses. Having the ability to capture and review incidents has reduced our exposure to [risk]. I have always found the sales and technical support very helpful."

Tim Allen, IT Manager - Indian Trails

  • What is the max amount of cameras I can use for my bus?
    • Our Mobile DVR systems support up to 8 individually wired cameras that can be placed on the interior or exterior of your bus.
  • What is the max local video storage capacity of your MDVR’s?
    • Our ST-402 and ST-802 Mobile DVR’s house a Solid State Drive (SSD) up to 4 Terabytes (TB). This allows for several weeks worth of storage depending on the number of cameras attached to the Mobile DVR.
  • Can your Mobile DVR’s connect to Wi-Fi hotspot that already exists in my bus?
    • Yes! Our Mobile DVR’s have the ability to connect to an existing Wi-Fi hotspot in your bus. This is programmed over the air.
  • Do your Mobile DVR’s have AI functionality?
    • Yes! We have Mobile DVR’s with the capability of AI technology; including lane departure, and distracted driving behavior alerts.

Safety Track’s GPS Tracking Systems and Fleet Cameras provide valuable tools for fleet management in the bus and taxi industry. These systems allow you to reroute drivers, analyze and improve routes, and gain insight into the real-time daily activity of each vehicle in the field.

In addition to improving fleet management, our systems also work to keep drivers and passengers safe. The in vehicle cameras capture reliable audio, video and GPS data information 24/7, which can deter potential unruly behavior or criminal activity and provide concrete evidence in case of undesired scenarios. With a Mobile DVR, you can live stream video through Safety Track’s CMS, ensuring your drivers are following company policies and procedures while on the road. For more coverage, Safety Track also offers a Mobile DVR with 8 camera capability.

Our fleet camera system also offers amenities such as Wi-Fi hotspots, which can be used on tour buses to increase customer satisfaction. Overall, Safety Track’s fleet management software, fleet telematics and Mobile DVR systems can increase visibility, prevent frivolous lawsuits and improve the overall customer experience.

Choose Safety Track for the ultimate solution in bus fleet management. Our cutting-edge technology, including live streaming video and GPS tracking, provides real-time data and visibility for your vehicles, ensuring their safety and security. With our advanced fleet management software suites, you can keep track of your buses and drivers at all times, anticipating and planning for any potential issues. Investing in Safety Track offers peace of mind and the ability to protect your business. Our experienced team and fleet telematics technology ensure that you have the right tools to keep your bus fleet running smoothly. Don’t leave the safety and management of your buses to chance, choose Safety Track for the most advanced fleet management solution in the industry. With real-time monitoring and advanced fleet management software, you can make informed decisions and ensure the success of your bus fleet.

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