Improve driver behavior with use of a live streaming camera system

View daily activity of vehicles to optimize training

Remote playback gives you ability to view incidents as they occur

View video to ensure safety processes and procedures are in place

A Look at NSA's Setup


Provides up to 8 cameras and high quality 360° streams for safety, and assessing operator behavior. The large storage capacity allows for safe backup of footage for long durations which can be helpful if incidents aren’t reported right away.

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10" Monitor

Serves as a driver visual aid, showing all sides of the equipment. The 10″ Monitor can also be used for pre-inspection, showing the driver that all cameras are operating properly.

ST-Lock Box

This lock box can be used to add additional security and protection against environmental factors in a plant or in “dirty” jobs that might contaminate the DVR.

"The NSA values its partnership with allied members who have similar goals of ensuring a strong iron and steel slag industry committed to safety and innovation throughout. Continual engagement with partners such as Safety Track in regular meetings throughout the year enables NSA members to adopt cutting edge technologies and practices keeping us at the forefront of the industry."

Charles Ochola, President - NSA

  • How well do your Asset Tracking Devices hold up in harsh environment?
    • All of our Asset Tracking Devices are weatherproof, durable and have been proven in the field to hold up to the elements.
  • How many cameras can I use on the equipment?
    • Our Mobile DVR systems support up to 8 cameras. These cameras can be placed on the interior or the exterior of your delivery trucks.
  • Can cameras be used as visual aids on the equipment?
    • Yes, our Mobile DVRs have a single video output that can be connected to a monitor that can be used as a visual aid to see through the camera(s).

Fleet management is a critical aspect of the heavy equipment industry. The heavy equipment and machinery used in this sector are expensive, and proper management is essential to ensure their longevity and performance. Fleet management also helps to ensure the safety of employees and the proper following of procedures. Safety Track offers a range of fleet management systems that are specifically designed for the heavy equipment industry.

One of the key benefits of fleet management in the heavy equipment industry is improved safety. Safety Track’s systems work to ensure employee safety and the proper following of procedures. They also provide video footage that can be used to determine areas where increased training is needed to prevent future incidents. This can help to reduce accidents and injuries, which can be costly in terms of both human life and financial loss.

Another benefit of fleet management in the heavy equipment industry is increased efficiency. Heavy equipment and machinery require regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that they are operating at their best. Fleet management systems can help to schedule and track maintenance and repairs, which can help to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Fleet management systems can also help to improve communication between employees, which is particularly important in the heavy equipment industry. Safety Track’s systems provide real-time location tracking and messaging features, which can help to improve communication and coordination between workers. This can help to reduce confusion and mistakes, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

In the heavy equipment industry, safety and asset management are crucial. Safety Track offers the ultimate solution to ensure the security of your fleet and drivers. With live streaming video and GPS tracking, you can monitor your heavy equipment in real-time and provide peace of mind to both your drivers and your business. The ability to have a second set of eyes on your fleet allows you to track its location, activity and usage, ensuring that it is operating at peak performance and maximizing its lifespan. Additionally, monitoring your drivers’ behavior helps to promote safe driving practices and ensure that safety processes are being followed. By investing in Safety Track, you are not only safeguarding your assets but also anticipating and planning for the future, ensuring that you are on the right path to success. With the right technology and a knowledgeable team, you can be confident in the safety and management of your heavy equipment operations.

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