How much data do I get out of the SD card? (depending on size)

30 Minutes per GB (Default Settings) using H.264 Compression

How much cable does each camera come with?

5M or 15Ft.

What is the system voltage range?

DC 8-36V 8W

Does it record audio?

Yes and can be disabled if desired.

How many hours of stream time do I get per each data plan?

2GB- 1 Hour of Live View Time per vehicle per day.

5GB- 2.5 Hours of live view time per vehicle per day.

10GB- 5 Hours of live view time per vehicle per day.

Are the cameras weather proof? Rating?

Certain Models that weather proof and IP66 Rated Models include:

Can i bring my own SIM card or use my current carrier?

Yes, “Bring your own SIM Card program”. 4G Data Only SIM. Pay $14.95 for software server access fee and pay your own Carrier for data. If international 4G SIM needs to be roaming capable and sent to us to test.

What is the size of the MDVR?

5.2 in(L)*4.7in(W)*1.6in.(H)

What is the camera quality?

Dash Cam is HD 720P. All individual cameras are HD 1080P