Locate construction vehicles in real time

Improve driver behavior with use of a live streaming camera system

Review accidents with remote playback

Provides employee training tool

A Look at Metal Man’s Setup


A solar powered asset tracker used for inventory control with easy installation. Customizable updates throughout the day allow you to keep track of your assets easily.

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This hard-wired asset tracking device is good for locating heavy equipment 24/7. With update rates of 10 or 30 minutes, this gives you the ability to maintain security of your equipment.

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4-camera MDVR system provides a 360° view of the Metal Man equipment. This MDVR enables you to see inside and outside of the cabin. It also features location tracking and has SSD storage.

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"There have been quite a few incidents where the cameras help us out by making sure we were not responsible on an accident for insurance claims or police reports."

Pedro Alves. Fleet Manager - ELM

Are the products durable to withstand the construction industry?

Yes! Many of our products are in the construction industry. Our systems are proven to resist the harsh environment. We also have ways to extra protect our Mobile DVR systems by using our protected lockbox accessory.

What is the battery life of the commonly used products in this industry?

The battery life of course varies depending on the type of unit and update interval. However, in our most popular Asset Tracking Systems we see battery life to satisfy the needs of our customers!

Are these products weather resistant?

All our Asset Tracking Systems are weather resistant anywhere from a IP65 to IP68 rating. Our cameras are also weatherproof rated. However, our Mobile DVRs are NOT weather resistant and cannot get wet.

How far back can I go back to see video information?

How far you can go back depends on your local storage capacity. This video can be reviewed by simply pulling the memory device from the unit or using our Remote Playback feature on our Fleet Management Software – CMS Interface.

Construction companies can greatly benefit from using fleet management software, mobile DVR cameras, and fleet tracking technologies to improve safety and efficiency on the job site. These tools can help mitigate risk, ensure timely arrival of materials and workers, increase fleet safety, and improve overall fleet management.

One of the key advantages of using fleet management software and mobile DVR cameras is the ability to locate construction vehicles in real-time. With live cameras and GPS tracking, companies can have a complete view of the location and movements of their fleet, allowing for more efficient dispatching and rerouting of workers to nearby jobs. This can save time and resources, ultimately improving the bottom line.

Another important benefit is the ability to receive maintenance alerts for vehicles and equipment. This can prevent costly downtime and ensure that vehicles and equipment are always in good working condition. This can save money and time and keep the job site running smoothly.

Mobile DVR cameras also play a key role in monitoring driver behavior. These cameras can hold drivers accountable for reckless or unsafe behavior and ultimately help prevent accidents on the job site. By reviewing incidents and accidents, companies can gain valuable insights into what went wrong and how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Construction fleet management software is specifically designed for the construction industry and can provide a variety of additional features such as asset tracking and management, job site management, and compliance with safety regulations. This software can provide a complete view of the fleet and help with compliance and safety regulations.

Overall, the use of fleet management software, mobile DVR cameras, and fleet tracking can provide a valuable extra layer of safety and efficiency to any construction job site. By locating vehicles in real-time, receiving maintenance alerts, monitoring driver behavior, and reviewing accidents, construction companies can ensure a safer and more efficient work environment for their employees and equipment.

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