Camera Accessories

Drive smarter, safer and more secure with our top-of-the-line in-vehicle camera accessories! With a microphone to capture crystal clear audio and video, you’ll always have valuable information at your fingertips. Keep your camera safe and secure with our heavy-duty lock box. In case of an emergency, our easy-to-use SOS button gives you peace of mind and the help you need fast. With our 7″ and 10″ monitors, you can keep an eye on all camera angles in real-time, all from one convenient location. Mount the monitors in your vehicle for a backup camera option, too. Experience improved functionality and ultimate fleet safety on the road – upgrade your vehicle today!


Discover what’s happening inside your vehicle like never before with our microphone accessory that seamlessly integrates audio recording into your video footage.

SOS Button

Stay safe and keep track of important events with our easy-to-use SOS button, conveniently placed in the cab for quick access.

Lock Box

Ensure maximum security with our tamper-proof design, safeguarding your device from unauthorized access. Plus, with added protection from environmental factors, you can trust in reliable performance at all times.

7" Monitor

Enjoy real-time video in your cab with our versatile device, designed to not only serve as a live view but also as a turn signal monitor, backup camera, and much more. Enhance your driving experience today!

10" Monitor

Experience a bigger and better view of what’s happening around you with our live video display in the cab. Not only does it provide a larger display, but it can also be used as a turn signal monitor, backup camera, and much more, making it a must-have for any driving experience.

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Suite and Simple

Whether in the office or on the road, we make it easy to have 24/7 access to both the video feed and the location of your fleet with our Fleet Management Software. You can also review historical events with our remote playback feature.


This web-based platform allows you to view live video footage on any computer or mobile device


A web-based platform that tracks the location of your fleet or equipment onto Google Maps.


Conveniently review your stored footage from an SD card or other storage device on your computer.

Close-up view of a technician's hands expertly installing a SafetyTrack GPS tracking device on the windshield of a vehicle. The focus is on the precise and secure mounting of the device, which is crucial for reliable vehicle monitoring and management. This installation scene highlights the professional setup required for SafetyTrack's advanced tracking technology, ensuring optimal functionality and data accuracy for fleet operators.

Installation - Let’s Get You Road Ready

When product installation is necessary Safety Track can schedule an appointment with one of our preferred installation partners to get your system up and running.

Commander Brown, of Detroit’s Threat Management, needed a live streaming video DVR system that would allow his tactical teams the ability to view live streaming video remotely. Threat Management chose the MDVR system and now can watch what is going on anywhere and at any time.

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