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Protect your fleet and drivers with our Systems for Fleet Cameras. Our dash cams provide clear evidence in the event of an incident, guarding against fraudulent claims and reducing risk. Optimize fleet performance, improve safety, and give yourself peace of mind with the right fleet camera system for you.

The ST-203 Fleet Dash Cam by Safety Track is designed for enhanced fleet safety and management, featuring real-time video streaming, GPS tracking, and remote playback capabilities. It supports easy installation on the windshield, offers optional integration with a third camera for expanded coverage, and includes an SOS button for marking important events. With dual Micro SD card slots, hotspot capability, and compatibility with Safety Track's management suites for comprehensive fleet oversight, the ST-203 ensures reliable monitoring and improved driver behavior. This alt text summarizes the device's main features and benefits, making it accessible for screen reader users.

Dash Cameras

With our dash cameras, fleet management becomes a breeze. Get 1080P resolution video coverage of both driver and road views, providing evidence and reducing risk. Easy to install and use, this solution simplifies fleet management, making it effortless to maintain a safe and efficient fleet.

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AI Mobile DVRs

AI algorithms in the DVRs analyze the vehicle’s movements and provide instant feedback to the driver, helping to prevent accidents and improve driving safety. Safety Track’s AI Mobile DVRs are advanced driving monitoring systems that use Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time information about a vehicle’s movements and driver behavior.

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Mobile DVR

Sturdy enough to handle any industry setup, Safety Track’s MDVRs are perfect for inside and outside the vehicle. A customizable solution can allow you to record with up to 8 cameras at once.

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Benefits of Fleet Cameras

  • Manage Your Risk

    Know the who, what, where, when, and why of every incident. Every time. Use the remote playback feature on the Fleet Management Software - CMS to access video records.

  • Driving Better Drivers

    Driving behavior can make or break your company’s reputation, so it's best to know as much as possible. Live video data, along with telematics, will show you who has risky driving behaviors before there could be an accident.

  • Insurance Savings

    Installing fleet cameras, such as dash cams, can result in significant insurance savings for fleet operators. Dash cams provide video evidence in the event of an accident, helping to determine fault and potentially reducing the cost of claims.

  • How much video storage can I expect to get out of my SD card?
    • Our systems take up 2GB per 1080P camera per hour.
    • i.e. 2 Cameras with a 128GB SD Card = 32 Hours or 4, 8 hour days
  • How much streaming time do I get with a 2GB Data Plan.
    • With a 2GB Data Plan you will be able to stream for 1 hour, per device, per day.
  • How many cameras can be added to a MDVR System? 
    • Our MDVR systems support up to 8 cameras per MDVR depending on the model.
  • Where can I place cameras on my vehicle? 
    • All of our cameras are weatherproof, so they can be placed on the interior or exterior of a vehicle/asset.

Dash Cams and Fleet Camera Systems are an essential tool for business owners in the fleet and transportation sector. The technology provides a wealth of benefits, including improved safety, reduced costs, and better fleet management. The use of these systems can enhance driver safety, which is a major concern in the industry. With a Dash Cam or Mobile DVR installed in vehicles, drivers can be monitored in real-time to ensure that they are following safe driving practices and not engaging in dangerous behaviors. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and ultimately, reduce costs related to repairs and insurance.

One of the most significant benefits of using Dash Cams and Fleet Camera Systems is their ability to provide clear and concise video evidence in case of an accident. Having this visual evidence can be incredibly valuable when it comes to insurance claims, legal proceedings, and even training drivers. It is a great tool for fleet managers to monitor and improve the performance of drivers, with the ability to review footage and highlight areas for improvement. By doing so, businesses can increase the overall efficiency and productivity of their fleet, as well as improve driver safety and accountability.

Another advantage of using Dash Cams and Fleet Camera Systems is their ability to track and monitor fleet vehicles in real-time. With GPS tracking, fleet managers can have a complete overview of the location and status of their vehicles, which can help with route planning and optimization. In addition, this feature can also help to reduce fuel expenses and improve vehicle maintenance. By having the ability to monitor their drivers and vehicles, business owners can ensure that their fleet is operating at peak efficiency, and that their drivers are following safe driving practices.

Safety Track offers customized dash cam solutions to enhance fleet safety and improve fleet management. Our dash cams and Mobile DVRs provide visual evidence and real-time monitoring of vehicles, ensuring the safety of both the vehicles and drivers. To promote fleet safety, we focus on driver accountability, regular safety inspections, and driver training. By using our dash cam solutions, fleet companies can reduce the risk of accidents and improve fleet performance, ultimately impacting the bottom line. Dash cams also prioritize driver safety by ensuring that all drivers follow safety protocols and drive responsibly at all times. By integrating our dash cam technology and prioritizing driver safety, fleet companies can improve the efficiency, performance, and overall safety of their operations.

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