Live Terms & Conditions


  1. Alteration, modification or repair other than by Safety Track or its authorized third party.
  1. Any attempt to open a Camera Device voids the Camera Device Warranty with respect to such device. Equipment other than Camera Devices, including but not limited to antennas, batteries, cables, and mounting hardware, and GPS navigation systems are excluded from the Camera Device Warranty provided by Safety Track. The Service Warranty does not include interruption of Services or the Application because of Internet Unavailability, Network Interruption Factors, blocked access due to unauthorized use, or force majeure events as described in Section 10.9. As used herein,
    1. “Internet Unavailability” means
      1. Failure or unavailability of Internet access;
      2. Unauthorized use, theft or operator errors relating to your telephone, cable or Internet service provider;
      3. Bugs, errors, configuration problems or incompatibility of Equipment or Services relating to your computer or network; or
      4. Failure of communications networks or data transmission facilities, and
        1. “Network Interruption Factors” means any wireless or satellite network outages or constraints that may occur due to the availability of such network being temporarily refused, interrupted, curtailed or otherwise limited by factors including but not limited to atmospheric, environmental or topographical conditions, physical features such as buildings, tunnels or landmass features, satellite or transponder failure, coverage loss or gaps, capacity constraints, or network provider facilities changes, modifications, updates, relocations, repairs, maintenance or other similar activities necessary for the proper or improved operation of the applicable network.