Live Streaming

View video in real-time on the Camera Management Suite (CMS) with required data plan.

Dual Camera Design

The more you see, the more you know. View both in the cab, and the road.

Remote Playback

View historical video data using Camera Management Suite” (CMS) quickly and efficiently.


Deploying ST-201 network-connected dash cams equipped with live streaming capabilities presents an economical and discreet means to pinpoint coaching areas for each driver within fleet operations. By integrating live streaming dash cams, drivers are prompted to maintain heightened situational awareness, fortified by the confidence of possessing real-time evidence against unfounded driving accusations. Moreover, in the event of an incident, reliance on remote playback and live streaming through ST-201 expedites the claims process. Access to real-time video footage and driving metrics facilitates proactive monitoring of risky driving behaviors, enabling prompt intervention. These dash cams can be customized to suit specific requirements; for example, settings such as harsh driving triggers can be adjusted accordingly. Prioritizing safety through the adoption of ST-201 network-connected dash cams with live streaming capabilities not only fosters trust among drivers but also yields benefits such as reduced insurance premiums and operational expenses, ultimately enhancing the overall safety track record.


  • 2(x) SD Card Slots: Save up to 256GB worth of video footage
  • Sim and SD Card Behind Locked Panel: Prevents tampering with the device
  • Easy Installation: Mounts to the windshield using 3M tape
  • SOS Button: Mark important events for easy retrieval

Tech Specs

Camera Resolution
Forward facing camera 1080P CMOS Sensor
In car camera 1080P CMOS Sensor

Camera View Angle (Diagonal)
Forward facing camera view angle approx. 130°
In car camera view angle approx. 120°

Operating Temperature

(a). Class 10 micro-SDHC /SDXC
Otherwise, the recording cannot proceed smoothly
(b). Micro SD slots support 512GB (x2–256 GB SD Cards) storage max.

Recording Type
Forward facing camera resolution 1920×1080
In car camera resolution 1920×1080
Auto record when power up system

Record Content
Image, date and time, sound, G-sensor, GPS

3.2” x 4.96” x 1.6”

3 Axis G-Sensor

You're Going to Like What You See.

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Camera Management Suite: Control is Easy to See.

Our Camera Management Suite provides real-time access to a vehicle’s location and real-time video. Remote playback provides you with the needed proof of what really happened. You can access on your desktop or mobile phone.

"Safety tracks cameras gives us peace of mind that our company and fleet are protected in the case of lawsuits or accidents."

Larry Borden, Loss Prevention and Compliance Manager - IKeyLess