Dual Camera Design

The more you see, the more you know. View both in the cab, and the road.

Built in GPS

GPS data is stored on the memory card for later review.

1(x) MicroSD Card

Memory options allow you to store up to a couple of days of video on the SD card.

Additional Benefits

  • SOS Button: Mark important events for easy retrieval
  • Easy Installation: 2 wire, windshield mount
  • No Monthly Cost: Control your own video data storage
  • SD Card Behind Locked Panel: Prevents tampering with the device

Tech Specs

Camera Resolution
Front 1080P CMOS Sensor
Rear 720P CMOS Sensor

Camera View Angle
Front camera view angle approx. 120°
Rear camera view angle approx. 130°

(a) Require 5V±5%, 1A Poweradapter.
Start voltage as 4.7v above.
(b) Built-in 1.5F supercapacitor as backup power for file storage.

Operating Temperature

Recommend using Class 10 above micro-SDHC Card (MAX TO 256GB).

Recording Frame
Front 1920×1080 Max.
Rear 1280×720 Max.
Auto record when power up system

Record Content
Date, time, image, sound, G-sensor data, GPS data.

3 Axis G-Sensor

4.5” x 2.25” x 1”

You're Going to Like What You See.

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Desktop Video Player: Control is Easy to See

Our Desktop Video Player allows you to review non-live video capture. Along with encrypted G-sensor data, audio recordings, and GPS encrypted data from your SD cards.

"Safety Track’s a total game changer! Our ability to live monitor our street sweepers from the office or the mobile app has increased safety, lowered unnecessary fuel costs and dramatically improved employee job performance. Our clients also feel a heightened sense of accountability and trust in our services."

Brady Costelow, President - Northwest Sweeping