How to Boost Truck Driver Retention

Retaining truck drivers is an ongoing endeavor for freight companies. You have to hold on to the great talent you have to improve your company-wide performance and reduce business costs.

It’s estimated that large freight companies had an annualized churn rate of 90 percent, while small ones had a churn rate of 72 percent in the last quarter of 2020. These figures mark a reduction in churn rates compared to the previous year. It’s simply because most freight companies fail at retaining their drivers.

September will be truck driver appreciation week, and you don’t want to lose your truck drivers. Read on for the best truck driver retention strategies and how to best implement them.

Consider Your Drivers’ Wellbeing

It’s no secret that logistics and transport workers played a crucial role in keeping the economy going during the pandemic. And truck drivers have been part of this workforce, whose efforts shouldn’t be ignored.

Despite their hard work, many truck drivers don’t receive the benefits or support that many other workers get, such as sick pay. You have to offer your fleet driver these benefits to make them loyal to your company.

Other benefits to consider include wellness allowances that can support your drivers’ physical and mental wellbeing. These perks can attract more employees to your company and encourage the current ones to stay.

Encourage and Respond to Feedback

Since fleet drivers are the backbone of your company, asking them for feedback gives them a chance to be heard. It’s also a gesture that you value their efforts and input. This strategy can improve your drivers’ on-the-job performance by far.

Besides asking for feedback, you need to acknowledge and act on it. Otherwise, your silence may negatively affect your drivers’ loyalty, performance, and engagement.

You can carry out pulse surveys and regular check-ins to drive engagement. These can also be administered via fleet forms for drivers to express their thoughts and raise concerns.

Offer Ongoing Truck Maintenance

Your truck drivers are more likely to be content with their job if they have the right equipment to work with. And happy fleet employees are more likely to stay and perform better.

Ensure that the fleet equipment is regularly maintained to high standards. You should also invest in up-to-date safety gear for the fleet staff to feel safe in their job.

Consider cutting-edge technologies such as electronic logging devices and dashcams in the upgrades. These devices can protect your drivers from false alarms and empower them. Also, remember to train them on how to use any new equipment.

Provide Upskilling Incentives

Most logistics and transport companies are usually in the spotlight for stunting their drivers’ skills. You can turn this reputation around by offering regular training to your fleet drivers. With such upskilling incentives, it’s easier to increase workforce engagement, attract high-quality talent and retain your best-performing drivers.

Be sure to offer opportunities for career progression and professional development for your staff to feel motivated. These opportunities can cultivate feelings of loyalty.

Institute Timely At-Home Opportunities

Truck drivers spend lots of time at home, making them stay away from their loved ones. Without a work-life balance, it is difficult for them to remain content with their jobs. Even more, most fleet drivers consider home time among the factors influencing their decision to work with a transport and logistics company.

It’s therefore important to consider this factor to increase your truck driver retention rate. Allow your staff to enjoy time and life outside their physically and mentally demanding work. Fit the home time in their schedules and let them know in advance when they’ll spend time with their families next.

Looking for a Fleet Management Company?

All in all, there’s no quick fix to retaining your truck drivers. Instead, employ these strategies in an ongoing manner for the best outcomes.

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