Key Lock Protected SSD Hard Drive

Store a weeks’ worth of footage directly onto the SSD, and older footage on the hard drive. It’s the best of both record keeping worlds.

Live Streaming

View video in real time on the Camera Management Suite with required data plan.


You pick the setup that’s right for your team; input and output options, Wi-Fi hotspot capability and 5 various camera options to choose from.

Additional Benefits

  • 1(x) SD Card Slot: For quick reference into the past
  • Hotspot Capability: Connect to the internet while on jobs (Requires SIM card)
  • VGA Output: For larger screen monitors
  • Parking Mode: Record while the vehicle is parked for a specified number of minutes

Tech Specs

Video Format

Recording Frame

Power Supply
(1) DC 8V~36V
(2)Acc Extended Recording By Software Settings
(3) DC 12V OUT

1920 x 1080 (1080P)

2.5″ SSD / SD CARD

9.8”x 6.9” x 2.74”

3 Axis G-Sensor


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Camera Management Suite: Control is Easy to See.

Our Camera Management Suite provides real-time access to a vehicle’s location and real-time video. Remote playback provides you with the needed proof of what really happened. You can access on your desktop or mobile phone.

"Safety Track helps keep our drivers’ nerves at bay, plus helps get footage for drivers when they are not at fault."

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