Safety Track Live Streaming Fleet Camera Solution Clears T-Mobile Certification 

Belleville, Michigan – 05/31/2022 –

Today Safety Track announced the immediate availability of their Live Streaming Fleet Camera Solution on the T-Mobile Network. According to Safety Track, it has passed all T-Mobile Certification Protocol. The live streaming fleet camera system can now be sold through the T-Mobile network of B2B Representatives nationwide.

“This has been a long process and we are extremely happy to Provide T-Mobile the ability to showcase our hardware on America’s Best Network”, says Safety Track’s VP of Operation, Jeff Stoker. “This provides T-Mobile with a solution that businesses are looking for. A device that has an embedded network card and is a stand-alone system.”

Since 2002, Safety Track has implemented solutions for thousands of customers across the globe, giving fleet managers and safety experts the tools needed to promote fleet safety and better manage their business. In 2013, Safety Track designed and developed the industry’s first real-time streaming camera system.

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Nick Thacker, Senior Sales and Account Manager