Why Having a Connected Car Matters

Connected cars are in full swing. In 2021 there was a total of237 millionconnected cars in operation worldwide. But what does a connected car mean for you?

A connected car refers to a vehicle that is aware of its surroundings and can communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure, which can be incredibly useful. Here’s why a connected car is vital during the back-to-school awareness month.

Enhanced safety

One main reason for having a connected car is its superior safety capabilities. The UN estimates that roughly1.3 millionpeople per year lose their lives in road incidents.

When you have a connected car, it can warn you if you are speeding or running red lights. Your connected car can also gather information on the roads and traffic and alert you to avoid crash areas of places with dangerous driving conditions.

If you ever have an accident, your car can call emergency services. Drivers can also reduce accidents by sharing vital safety information about vehicles and the roads around them.

Donating school supplies

Since this is back-to-school awareness month, connected cars are one way to connect people with a charitable cause they care about. A connected car can help you find schools you can donate school supplies or social places where people are meeting for the common good of a school.


The convenience of connected cars is another reason why they matter. You no longer need to carry a phone or laptop to access your car’s dashboard. Connected cars are convenient in the following ways:

  • Traffic update: TheCooperative Intelligent Transport Systems(C-ITS) helps improve traffic management by monitoring traffic volume, speed, and direction. That means you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic anymore.
  • Navigation: You can create routes and follow them step by step. Navigation systems also can help you plan trips ahead of time, and you can download maps for offline use.
  • Entertainment: Use the connected car to control your music or listen to audiobooks.
  • Car updates: Previously, motorists had to take their vehicles back to the dealership to get any upgrade or customization done. You can now update many software-dependent vehicle parts “over the air.”
  • Parking solution: The average American driver apparently loses17 hours a yearwhile searching for a parking space. Connected cars have made it easier to find parking sports.

Improved security

When you have a connected car, you don’t need to worry about leaving your keys inside the house or forgetting your wallet at home. You can even lock and unlock your doors remotely and track your vehicle if stolen.

The car will send notifications when you leave an office or mall, letting you know where you parked and how much gas is in the tank.

That feature is a god sent for a fleet manager as it allows them to create a smart fleet. You may use this fleet technology to keep tabs on specific metrics, including driver habits (to improve fleet safety) and fuel consumption, significantly reducing costs.

Environmental benefits

Nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon monoxide are the primary pollutants produced by automobile emissions. These compounds allharm human health.

Connected cars are great fleet technology for producing data in real-time, which drivers and transportation management may utilize to make environmentally conscious decisions regarding their modes of transportation.

Connected cars for enhanced fleet safety

Connected cars contain sensors and gadgets that you can utilize for fleet safety. The fleet technology is excellent for enhanced security, saving the environment, and finding places to donate school supplies.

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