If an incident occurs, video provides proof your drivers weren’t at fault

Cameras help with training and correcting poor driving habits

Fleet camera solutions may reduce insurance premiums

Reduce theft claims by deterring theft and increase chance of recovery

How Cameras and GPS Solutions Help Manage Risk

Camera and Tracking Systems help customers manage risk by removing the unknown. They give insight into what really happened, and where. Armed with this information you can dispute claims effectively, train staff, and identify ways to perform tasks safely.

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Recommended Products

Which Safety Track product is right for you and your fleet? Explore our product lineup to see how Safety Track can help save money on insurance, then schedule a demo. We’ll help you find the perfect solution.

Live Viewing Cameras

Increase safety on the road with a Live Viewing Camera. Footage can be retrieved easily in the event of an incident and can be used as a training tool for your company.

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SafetyTrack ST-2000 OBDII device for vehicle tracking, featuring a compact black design with multiple port connections.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Utilizing GPS Tracking units can lower your insurance rates, saving your company time and money. You’ll know the location of your vehicles and equipment at all times.

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Customize your fleet management solution with Safety Track’s accessories. Backup monitors, blindspot aids, and sensors that indicate when certain inputs, like seatbelts, are in use will give you peace of mind at every turn.

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