Mobile DVRs & Dash Cameras

The ST-410 AI Mobile DVR by Safety Track is a compact, versatile device designed for fleet management. It supports up to four HD cameras, offers customizable live viewing options, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, real-time updates, and recorded footage for comprehensive vehicle monitoring. Additional features include two SD card slots for up to 512GB video storage, GPS location tracking, video output for monitors, hotspot capability with a SIM card, and a parking mode for recording while the vehicle is parked. The device integrates with Safety Track's Camera Management Suite (CMS) for live streaming, GPS playback, and remote video access, enhancing road safety through driver behavior detection and alerts.

ST-401 & ST-801


The ST-203 Fleet Dash Cam by Safety Track is designed for enhanced fleet safety and management, featuring real-time video streaming, GPS tracking, and remote playback capabilities. It supports easy installation on the windshield, offers optional integration with a third camera for expanded coverage, and includes an SOS button for marking important events. With dual Micro SD card slots, hotspot capability, and compatibility with Safety Track's management suites for comprehensive fleet oversight, the ST-203 ensures reliable monitoring and improved driver behavior. This alt text summarizes the device's main features and benefits, making it accessible for screen reader users.



The ST-201 Dash Cam by Safety Track is ideal for fleet management, featuring dual 1080P CMOS sensors for front and in-cabin recording, a wide viewing angle, easy windshield mounting, and dual SD card slots for extensive storage. It offers real-time video streaming, GPS tracking, and remote playback capabilities. The design includes an SOS button for marking critical events and a locked panel to prevent tampering. Suitable for enhancing driver safety and efficiency, this camera provides valuable insights into fleet operations.



ST-402 & ST-802

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ST-410 & ST-810

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ST-420 & ST-820

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10" Monitor


7" Monitor




Tracking Devices

The SafetyTrack ST-2600 hardwired vehicle tracking device, featuring a durable black casing and a multi-colored wiring harness, is designed for secure and hidden installation within any vehicle type. This device ensures robust, uninterrupted GPS tracking capabilities and is integral for fleet management, providing continuous monitoring and advanced vehicle diagnostics to improve operational efficiency and vehicle security.



SafetyTrack ST-2000 OBDII device for vehicle tracking, featuring a compact black design with multiple port connections.

ST-2000 & ST-2050


The ST-1300 Solar Powered Asset Tracker is designed for tracking non-powered equipment, featuring a high battery capacity for long-term use. It offers reliable solar-powered operation, precise GPS tracking, and an IP67 weatherproof rating, making it suitable for various conditions. With up to a 10-year battery life, it provides peace of mind for asset management and inventory purposes.